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Immediate financial relief and long-term financial coaching in one convenient app

Ollie is designed for people who are financially vulnerable. We understand your struggles. We will help you overcome your financial emergencies and coach you to resolve future challenges on your own.

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Ollie's Benefits

Ollie is a financial app that comes with 1-on-1 private financial coaching. Ollie helps you overcome financial emergencies, manage your finances, and plan your financial future.

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Early Salary Payment

If you have stable employment, you can get a portion of your earned salary ahead of the normal pay day using the Ollie app. This feature protects you during financial emergencies. Using this feature, you can avoid going to friends, family, or employer to ask for a loan.

Financial Coaching

Meet with us for a private 1-on-1 financial coaching and personalized assessment of your financial situation. We will work with you to create a customized plan to overcome your problems. We will also coach you to manage your day-to-day finances and achieve your financial goals. 

How It Works


Apply for Early Access to Ollie

Tell us a bit about yourself. Upon confirming your eligibility, you will be invited to register and open an Ollie account.


Install Ollie and enjoy the benefits

Immediately get help with your financial emergencies through the Early Salary Payment program.


Plan your financial future

Schedule your first financial coaching session and we will meet you in private. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ollie a loan service provider?

No, Ollie does not provide loans. We work with you to get you out of financial problems through other ways. 

Do I need to be employed to use Ollie?

Yes. During this Early Access period, we are looking for employed residents of Singapore (citizens, PR, Employment Pass, or S-Pass).

Is Ollie a reseller of financial services?

No, we don't represent any other companies, and we do not get referral fees from other companies. Our recommendations will always be in your best interest. 

Does my company need to use Ollie too?

No. During this Early Access period, you can sign up to Ollie on your own, without your employer.

What are the costs to use Ollie?

There is no cost to register and download the Ollie app. You only pay a small transaction fee if you choose to receive your salary ahead of the normal pay day.

There is no cost for the private financial coaching during this Early Access period.

Apply today!

Do you have a financial emergency and can't get help from a bank? Are you having difficulties paying your debts? Are you unsure how to plan for the future?

Talk to us and see the difference that a personalized approach can make. Start a journey to a better financial health with Ollie.

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